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Price Guide:

All balloons are classified and priced by the quality of the content inside.

Kids Standard Balloons: $30.00 ea.

Standard Bear & Candy Balloons: $ 40.00 ea.

Bath & Body works Balloons: $ 50.00 & UP.

Sports Balloons: $ 60.00 & UP.

Pre-Order Step # 1

Make a Donation Please Step # 2

We will accept Pre-Orders while supplies last!

A UFA representative will contact you in 24 hours to confirm you pre- order and set up an account number and a payment due date. Thanks for your Pre-Order UFA Admin.


Red #1 Standard
Pink #2 Standard
Kids Spider #3 Standard
Smile Pink # 4 Standard
Bath&Body #5 Upgrade
Baby Girl # 6 Custom
Steelers # 1: Custom
Dallas # 10 Custom
Candle & B&B Works
Gift Set or content Can be placed inside #5 Beauty Balloon
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